We also offer an alternative to a screen roof. This is an Elite 3" Insulated Hard Roof or 3" Roof Pans


Roof Styles

We offer several different roof styles for your new aluminum structure. Helping you decide is part of our job!

We will show you options to make your custom enclosure work for your personal taste and preference. This adds so much value to your home as well as more living area protected from pesky insects, debris and dirt. Allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with relaxation.

*Full Gable *Hip * Gable Hip *Mansard * Flat

*Pitched or Shed * Half Mansard *Dome

*Custom Designs are needed for some structures

We often advise our customers

on what style would best fit

with there existing structure. Helping to ensure the best possible fit for the new addition.

Dome Roof Enclosure


Mansard Roof Enclosure

Gable Roof Enclosure

Flat Roof Enclosure

Shed Roof Enclosure

Gable Hip Enclosure